About Us

We are Opera Del Sol, a breakout immersive production company in Central Florida.
Our mission is to change the way we experience opera, and performance art by creating curated, conceptual productions in unexpected places.

At Opera Del Sol we are changing the way we experience opera, musical theatre, and visual arts, opting out of traditional venues, and instead creating alluring productions in unique and intimate settings. Combining the visual and performing arts with cleverly curated foods and beverage, Opera Del Sol is here to provide those unexpected thrills.

Empowered. Innovative. Female. 2019 is here and we want to welcome you to OWIITA, a professional and personal support network for female innovators in the arts. Join the movement.

Opera del Sol is excited to announce our next original productions:

Opera on Eola
Sunday, April 14th 12-4pm
Lake Eola

Join Opera del Sol for a collaborative music festival featuring performances from Central Florida's top Opera singers. There will be visual art and an outdoor vendor market and food trucks so plan to spend the afternoon with us!

Check back soon for our next production.